the Earth in Stereoscopic 3D


Our Work

We use a series of core proprietary technologies to produce seamless stereoscopic 3D imagery and maps for the entire globe, which allow for immersive 3D visualization of the globe using almost all modern 3D devices.



Our EarthView3D content can be viewed using glasses-free smartphones and tablets, 3D computers powered by NVidia, VR (virtual reality) devices, anaglyph 3D (red-cyan) glasses, and potentially AR (augmented reality) devices. Not only satellite imagery, but also maps are in 3D. Unlike perspective 3D, everything you see in our EarthView3D is just like the real thing in 3D!



Our 3D maps provide a more intuitive user experience than existing 2D or perspective 3D maps. Potential applications include but not limited to: telecommunication, infrastructure development, disaster relief, flight simulation, real estate, geography education, trip planning, 3D navigation in our daily lives (hiking, running, biking) or simply exploring the beauty of the earth in 3D.


Contact Us

If you are interested in seeing our 3D demo, or have a great idea to make the EarthView3D application even better, please feel free to contact us.